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Titus Chu
August 20, 2014
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The book of Philippians is perhaps the sweetest book in the New Testament. Its focus is not so much on teaching, but on how we as believers can enter into the experience of Christ. Paul helped the Philippians by encouraging them to be of the same mind and united in spirit (Phil. 2:2). This was only possible by their letting the mind of Christ be in them (v. 5). Paul described the mind of Christ as being humble (v. 8). No one likes to become lower than others. Everyone likes to be noticed and respected by others. For this reason, Paul stressed the matter of being humble. His stress was not on Christ’s accomplishment of redemption; rather, he portrayed Christ’s humbling of Himself in accomplishing that redemption for us. How low Christ became! Christ’s pattern shows us that the way to become a blessing to the church is to become very, very low. This is the secret of spiritual growth and of gaining Christ (Phil. 3:8).

In this exposition of Philippians, Titus Chu goes through the four chapters of this book in a detailed and very practical way. This book is drawn from messages given in 2003 – 2004 to participants in a year-long spiritual labor in the Great Lakes area. They were spoken in Toronto, Chicago, Cleveland, and Columbus.