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Titus Chu
June 2, 1989
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The highest place ordained by God for you is to be a brother. Regardless of how manifested you become, always remember that you can never be more than a brother. If you appreciate your being a brother, you will be adequately protected.

The Highest Place Ordained by God

In the church life there are only brothers. This is the highest status we can ever have. If there is any other title for brothers that comes in among us, it reveals we have a shortage of truth.

Being a Brother Versus Being a Worker

Being a brother is the highest place ordained for us by God. This realization should be a safeguard to us. Many, however, disregard their status as brother and seek something else they think to be higher, such as apostle, elder, or “ministering brother.”

Four Crucial Elements and our Four-fold Place

In following the Lord there are four crucial elements: life, ministry, commitment, and fellowship. In life we are brothers; in ministry we are members; in commitment we are slaves; in fellowship we are the Lord’s friends. The Lord has placed us in a four-fold place.

Appreciate Being a Brother (1)

There is the need to more fully appreciate what it is to be a brother. There are four points on this matter that we shall cover in this message. Firstly, being a brother is our place by birth. Secondly, it is our highest exercise by growth. Thirdly, being a brother is the hardest thing for us to learn. Fourthly, it is the greatest manifestation and test to our person.

Appreciate Being a Brother (2)

To appreciate being a brother is our highest exercise in growth. We shall cover 7 more points in this message. To be a brother we must learn to be for the maturity in life, to live by means of the humanity of Jesus, to exercise in the revelation of the mystery, to carry out the ministry committed to us, to care for the exercise of our operation, to have a healthy daily walk and living, and also to labor effectively.

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