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Welcome to Treasures New and Old, a song book from the A Sweet Savor Bible School class Hymns in History. During the 2020-2021 school year, students wrote and adapted many hymns which can be found in the Original Hymns and Adapted Hymns sections. The Hidden Gems were written by classic authors and are not widely available. Here you will find PDF’s of each song. Recordings to sing along with will be made available as well.


  1. Original Hymns

1 – Oh, We’re Coming Out Of Egypt! by Joyce Chen & Sam Kuo

2 – Walk Worthily by Bob Brenneman

3 – The Vision by Bob Brenneman

4 – My Child, You Are Mine by Joy Dong


5 – Untitled by Lilly Faulk

6 – You Pleased The Father by Samuel Ofori

7 – Lord I Want To Know You More by Betty Kent


8 – Yours by Arianna Olsen

9 – Praise God He Gave Me His Spirit by Caleb Ziamba

10 – Be Unto Your Name by Venesia Wan & Jenny Young

11 – Jesus! Seeds of Love You Sow by Venesia Wan & Jenny Young

12 – Long To Offer by David Kuo

13 – Evaluate Your Heart by .Jonathan Wang

14 – Oh Lord, You Have Searched My Heart by Rick Zakowski

15 – Come To Me by Jane Syh & Bob Brenneman

16 – Rest And Watch by James Reinarz 

17 – Do You Know Why You’re Here? by Tom Neill

  1. Adapted Gems

Gerhard Tersteegen – adapted by Tom Neill

18 – At Rest

19 – The Far And Near

20 – The Hermit’s Call

21 – The High Calling

22 – The Home

23 – The Name Above Every Name

24 – The Royal Priesthood

25 – The Shadow Of His Wings

26 – Within The Holiest

Madame Jeanne Guyon

27 – My Last Least Offering by Brandon Xia

28 – My Heart Is In The Right by Jack Dapo & Ruth Huoh

29 – Peace Has Unveiled Her Smiling Face by Esther Chu

30 – My Heart Is Easy by Venesia Wan & Jenny Young

31 – Since Life In Sorrow Must Be Spent by Jane Syh

32 – Sweet Creatures Of This Grove! by Tom Neill

Annie Johnson Flint

33 – Better Than My Best by Samuel Ofori

34 – Not Down But Through by Betty Kent

35 – Passing Through by Joy Dong

  1. Hidden Gems

36 –  Be Not Far From Me, O My Strength by Anna Laetitia Waring

37 – Come My Soul, Thy Suit Prepare by John Newton


38 – I Follow Thee by Amy Carmichael

39 – Come, Lord, And Tarry Not by Horatius Bonar

40 – I Gave Myself For Thee by Frances R. Havergal

41 – I Look Not Back by Annie Johnson Flint

42 – It Is Thy Hand My God by James G. Deck

43 – My God Is Any Hour So Sweet by Charlotte Elliott


44 – My Savior Thou Hast Offered Rest by Evan Hopkins

45 – O For A Closer Walk With God by William Cowper


46 – O Holy Savior, Friend Unseen by Charlotte Elliott

47 – O Oneness Far Beyond by Horatius Bonar

48 – O Restless, Hasty Heart by Ora Rowan

49 – O Lord Thy Love’s Unbounded by John Nelson Darby


50 – The Endless Song by John Nelson Darby

51 – Source Of My Spirit’s Deep Desire by Anna Laetitia Waring


52 – Though We May Waver by Annie Johnson Flint


53 – We Thank Thee Lord For Weary Days by Frances Bevan

54 – While Toil And Warfare Urge Us On by Anna Laetitia Waring




Complete Treasures New A Old in booklet format.

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