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Rex Beck
April 30, 2019
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Each of the minor prophets speaks with a unique, distinct voice. While they all truly speak the words of God, each possesses his own sound. Hosea has a very different sound than Jonah, although both convey God’s speaking. All their voices combine like a symphony, sounding out God’s message. Different sections may resonate with different people. Some listeners may resonate with the “Micah” section. Others may particularly hear the fourth chair of the “Nahum” section. Together, the prophetic symphony projects God’s word to all mankind. Not surprisingly, each voice has been developed with great care by God Himself through a combination of the prophet’s character, history and, most importantly, his interaction with God. God shapes each prophet into a particular instrument as He leads him on his unique pathway. Along his journey, a prophet is by no means a passive conduit of God’s messages. The Apostle Peter describes the prophet’s dynamic, living interaction with God, portraying him as an active seeker of Christ as the Spirit of Christ makes things clear within him. Eventually, each Old Testament prophet realizes he is not serving his own generation but us, the New Testament believers. This book seeks to highlight the pathway of each prophet as God shapes him into His instrument perfectly fit for His glory. Hopefully, seeing these twelve pathways will encourage believers as God leads and shapes their own lives.

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