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Rex Beck
October 28, 2019
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Ezekiel is the most visionary of all the Old Testament prophets. He writes his visions as lively, vivid pictures. A Bible student would understand the book surprisingly well if he sketched in color each scene that he reads. Ezekiel sees visions of all kinds. Some connect heaven to earth—a man on the throne, four living creatures with whirling wheels on earth. Other are visions of the fallen world—the city of Tyre as a sailing ship, visions displaying God’s character—a shepherd caring for sheep, visions of building—a grand temple, and visions of restoration—dry bones coming to life. Besides these, Ezekiel includes his biography in his writings, showing just what kind of man God made fit to witness these marvelous scenes. God’s fingerprint is eventually expressed in Ezekiel’s dress, house, food, family and lodging. He used his knowledge as priest and much of his understanding of world cultures in order to convey what he saw. He was committed to seeing the exiles return to their land under thencouragement of the visions God showed him. This book seeks to highlight Ezekiel’s visions and Ezekiel the man, who God could use to carry out the ministry that speaks to us today.

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