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Titus Chu
September 1, 2018
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Background to These Messages: The Marvelous Church

We have not really read the outline, so I’ll read it with you. What is the topic? Marvelous, Marvelous. Let’s change it to: Oh, Marvelously Marvelous. I’ll tell you honestly, I was confronting the 10 Month Labor, so I had to work out this outline, but I have no heart for it. You say, “Then why did you gather us together?” Because we ought to. “Do you have a burden?” Yes. “Then why do you say you have no heart?” Because I am confronting the 10 Month Labor – working with those saints who are really giving themselves to the Lord for a year. I have to be more sober with them than with you, don’t I? Most of us play the Lord a little bit, but those young kids, they mean business with Christ even though they are still 50% playing. Because very few Christians love the Lord. 

Most Christians do whatever they think, and think the Lord is good. I was considering what to do, because the brothers told me, “You must share about the church.” It’s not easy to share about the church because it can be very doctrinal. If you talk about how “the church is the Body”, “the church is…”, it’s just not as exciting as talking about Christ, because Christ has unsearchable riches. But, we don’t realize that the unsearchable riches of Christ need to be made full. That is, when Christ resurrected, ascended, and became head over all things, then the Bible says, to the church which is the Body of Christ, the fullness of the One who fills all and in all. In other words, Christ has unsearchable riches, and the church is His fullness, the church is His expression, the church is His manifestation – this is really, really marvelous. 

As I was considering how to do it, I came up with this: Marvelously Marvelous. You have to realize, I’m Chinese, and I have been with the Chinese-speaking for half a year, so after I came back, at my age, I have forgotten my English. When I was giving the training last week, they had a hard time and I had a hard time. Proper English utterances didn’t come out that easily. This will become a problem. But, I’m very happy. 

I’ll tell you why I’m very happy. Both Paul and Rex did very well this morning, so that shows that maybe I don’t need to be here to give you a conference, I just need to write this outline. I had a feeling – how do you talk about the church? You can say, “The church is us, the church is the body, the church is the new man, the dwelling place, the habitation, the holy temple…” Do you get my point? You can talk about all kinds of things, but eventually you have to say one thing: The church is MARVELOUS! That’s it. The church is the marvelousness of all the marvelous things.

Outlining the Five Marvelous Things

The Creation of Man and Christ’s Redemption and Life-Giving

First we have The Marvelous Creation of Man. So, man is marvelous. 

Second is The Marvelous Work of Christ’s Redemption and Life-giving. In other words, the creation of man was marvelous, but man fell. So Christ came in as the redeemer, giving us redemption. There is a marvelous redemptive work of Christ. But it only redeems—it only satisfies God judicially. In other words, God is very happy that we are no longer under condemnation, but we are just the same, even worse, than Adam before he fell. What was Adam short of? Life. So God says, “I want to give a new life to my saved ones, My children.” So there is a marvelous work of Christ in redemption. 

You know you have problems before God. Number one, God says you are a sinner. You can’t defend that. You can’t say, “God don’t say that. You made me a sinner.” God says, “No, when I created man, there was no sin involved. You are a sinner out of your own free will. Or at least out of your ancestor’s ancestor’s free will— that is, Adam’s free will.”

More than that, not only do you have a problem with sin, you also have a problem with the emptiness within you. You were made according to God’s image and after God’s likeness. The creation of man was very interesting. God made man according to His image. The triune God had a conference, but the work was done by God the Son, Jesus Christ. So we were made according to God’s image and according to the image of Jesus Christ. So you say, “What does Jesus Christ look like?” I would just say look at you, because we were made according to His likeness. But we fell. So God says, “Judicially, I will die for your sins. Organically, I will become life to come into you so that I can be your Savior and I can bring salvation into you.”

The Marvelous New Man, The Church

Out of this organic salvation, we become The Marvelous New Man, The Church. In other words, we become one new man. It’s really interesting. Do you know how long this new man has lived so far? 2,000 years! Do you know how long this man will live? To eternity! Do you know how rich this man is? His riches grow bigger and bigger. This man, the divine man, the Body of Christ, is increasing all the time. In the beginning it was just a small number, a comparatively small body. It included the apostle Paul, the apostle Peter, and the apostle John, with Jesus as the head (as a person). Remember, Paul says the eye cannot say to the hand, if I’m not a hand, I am not of the body. The eye is part of the physical head, so this “head” is not a physical head, but is a person. Christ became a person of the Body of Christ, that is the Church. So this marvelous new man is increasing both in stature, becoming more spiritual, and in figure. Stature means the height; figure means the size. How big it is we don’t know, how many billions of regenerated persons in 2,000 years are in this Body, and we are today also in this Body and still expressing this Body. 

Even if someday we would die – for instance, I am 80-some years old. People always say I have good health. But I wish I was 60. At least I would know that I still have 30-some years to live. Since I’m 80, people say, “Hallelujah! You are so healthy, you could live to 100 years old.” I’m very depressed. You mean I can only live 17 more years? The good thing is, you don’t die. Physically, people come and people go, but the Body continues – more people are saved, more people join in, more people become part of the Body, more people become the life element of the Body. 

How? Number 1, they have judicial redemption. Number 2, they have organic salvation. Judicial redemption means that according to law, according to God’s judgement, you are totally forgiven, you are clean. Organic salvation means the divine life comes into you. Brothers, this really is marvelous. Firstly, man. Secondly, the God-man. The God-man produces organic salvation plus judicial redemption. Then, you have the marvelous new man. So God created man, then we have the God-man, and next we have the new man. The new man is the church, with Christ as the person. 

The Christ is Not Divided and the Building Up of The Body

Then message 4, Oh Marvelous, the Christ is not divided, or, cannot be divided. There is no way you can divide it. Whether you like it or not it cannot be divided. But remember, the expression and the testimony can be divided, even though Christ cannot be divided. So eventually, there is a building up, as the body, the new man, cannot be divided. So eventually the new man should be built up as God’s habitation, as His testimony, this is the 5th “marvelous”. 

Number 1: A man – marvelous. Number 2: God-man – marvelous. Number 3: The new man – marvelous. Number 4: This new man cannot be divided – marvelous. Number 5: This new man can be built up. That is really, really marvelous. 

Let’s begin with Adam. Adam was a big shot, because he was the ancestor of all human beings. He was created according to what God desires. Then the Lord Jesus came, He added not just a man, but a God-man. God and him were one. So God’s desire was fulfilled. Then thirdly, in His resurrection, He begot all the children and all the children together were one new man. It could not be divided. Paul said, if you say you are not of the Body, you cannot therefore be not of the Body. It’s very interesting, today, some people talk about who’s not in the Body. Brothers, even if you don’t want to be in the Body, you cannot be not in the Body. You have to be in the Body. Sometimes, you don’t even realize you are a part of the Body; you have no realization of this. However, it doesn’t matter whether or not you realize it. 

Considering the Work of God

Now let’s come back to the basics. When we consider the work of God, this is a strong statement. Because you don’t usually consider the work of God, do you? We rarely consider the work of God. We are very self-centered; we always consider only us – what is best for us, what is good for us, what can be done for us. Eventually, what will we be? How will we succeed, how will we have achievements? The foolish ones will say, how can I make a lot of money? The wise guys, how can I get my head permanently damaged? (That is a PhD. P – permanent, H – head, D – damage. You study so well, but nobody knows.)

You know Rex — he has a PhD. Then he served the Lord full time. He called me, “Dad, I want to be a full-timer.” All of a sudden I realized, Harvard is not that bad, at least one PhD there has a mind – that’s Rex. All the rest, they are finished. They either want to become a professor or they want to be something. You know, brothers, there is nothing wrong with being a professor as a profession, but there is something wrong with being a professor as your goal of life. Your goal of life must match what God is doing.

I am very happy Rex is serving the Lord. I haven’t heard him sharing for a long time. This morning he shared very well. But he and Paul both made a little mistake – they did not read the outline first. That’s why it was very hard for Paul. All of a sudden when he began to preach, you brothers don’t know what he is trying to do, so the supporting spirit is not good enough. Tonight we’ll let them do it again for the second message. On one hand, aren’t you happy to see more brothers develop? On the other hand, aren’t you happy that I will speak less? Well you ought to be, because I’m old. You don’t want an old man to speak for too long.

But anyways, all the Harvard graduates are very proud. Last week when I was in New York, two brothers, Lilly, and I went to Yale together to see the campus. That is the most beautiful campus in the United States. Then we talked to some Yale graduates, PhDs, like Brother Gu. He is lovely. At the end, we prayed together. He’s a good brother – very sincere, very desirous. I wept because I had a feeling, here’s such a decent, able, solid young person who is going to be swallowed up by the world, because he never considered the work of God. 

The Temporary Work of Man vs The Eternal Work of God

What is the difference between the work of God and the work of man? Here it begins to explain. We are amazed at the eternal value, the wisdom, the mighty and fine work of God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. When you consider the work of God, you are amazed at the eternal value. “I am a professor; I am a PhD; I am a multi-millionaire; I have my future bankrupt company which is now still very promising and successful…” But have you ever realized, the value of all of that is temporal?

Brother Jonathan Lin has 2 PhDs. He became a professor, then a university asked him to be the dean of the department. What would you go there for? Just to be a dean? I didn’t think he should go. He took my advice. Then he told me something very interesting. I said, “Brother, when will you retire?” He said, “I won’t retire.” I was surprised, “What do you mean, you won’t retire?” You know, the only time you don’t retire is in serving the Lord. And he was not serving the Lord, he was serving universities. 

He said all of the professors he’s with are tenured, so there is no need to retire. They are very wealthy and have done well with their life. If they have something to do, they will not become too old. Once you are inactive, age will come very fast. If you are active, your mind keeps on exercising and you do better. Well, he is very wise. So he has a very happy, valuable life because every month he receives a good professor’s salary. With tenure or other things, maybe every 7 years, he has one year free. He will have all these things, but it’s all still temporary. He has the long-lasting temporary.

Anything that is temporary, you cannot say it is marvelous, because it will come and go. If it comes and goes, it doesn’t bear eternal value. So here, it says, “When we consider the work of God, we are amazed at the eternal value, the wisdom, the mighty and fine work of God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.” In other words, God is eternal. He doesn’t produce anything lacking in His eternity. We are in time, so we do everything according to the trend of this life. 

For instance, this chair is modern today. This chair will not be modern in 10 years. I found a funny rocking chair, so I bought it. I asked the lady, “How long has this chair been here?” It was close to 100 years old, because it was popular in the 1920s. The design is short of eternal value. That’s why it was eventually discontinued. People used that kind of rocking chair for only a short period of time. 

Everything you do, because you are in time, you do according to time. My grades are good – that’s time. My job is good – that’s time. My marriage is good – of course, that is the biggest blessing a brother and sister could ever get. My marriage is good, my kids are good, that’s even more of a blessing. But whatever you think, remember that your thinking and understanding are always related to time. Yet, whatever God does, He does with eternity in view. He is so wise to plan the whole thing. He is so mighty, He is able to produce it, and He is so fine, so His work is finest to the detail. No one can challenge what God has ever done. God is marvelous. 

Whatever God does out of Himself and through His hand can only be marvelous, because He is marvelous. The marvelous Lord will do nothing less than His marvelousness. The artist will destroy many pieces of artwork because he realizes it’s not well done. A writer will destroy some of his writings because it’s not up to his standard. The writer keeps what is the best. The painter keeps what is best. But God says, “I have nothing to throw away because everything I do is just marvelous. Everything I do is for eternity. Do you know how high, how outstanding your value is?”

Having Eternity in View

This young man in the labor: you are marvelous, because you were created according to God’s image inside and according to God’s likeness outside. What part of this man will fade? He’s very handsome. Yeah, no young man is not handsome, so don’t be so proud. But I’m very happy, he overall is eternal. In him, God is there, eternal. All that you see is not eternal. We don’t know which day he will become bald – just look at his dad. But when you are bald, aren’t you happy you have God? Aren’t you happy you are like this? Because there is still the likeness of God, which is a high value. The likeness of God doesn’t count how many hairs you have. The likeness doesn’t count how much you weigh. It says, you appear just like God the Son. This is marvelous. He is eternal. Because God never does anything less than eternal. If there’s anything short of eternity, God wouldn’t do it. God will not do things for temporary purposes. Every part of the work of God is with eternity in view. Praise the Lord. 

You quit a year of school to come to the training. Is there any difference? There will be no more one year training after this. School will always be there, with you or without you. You quit school, you come to the Labor, you gain something more eternal. You are a good church-goer. Being a church-goer is a serious matter. Nothing hurts you more than church-going. “I don’t love the Lord, I have a chance to repent. I love the Lord, I have a chance to grow. I’m a church-goer, I’m settled with this kind of life I have.” If you are apart from something eternal, then your existence becomes meaningless. What are you? I’m a saved one. Then how are you living? I’m going to the church. I even saw a bumper sticker that said: Go to the church of your choice. But they didn’t realize, there is no church of your choice, because there is only one church. You can’t make any choice. They say go to the church of your choice because they don’t see things eternally, they only see the crucialness of people getting saved.

Let me ask you, do you know a brother named Jim Ruffin? Does he love you? Does he pray with you? Jim? Come here. He has three things to tell you. Can we have a bible study together? Can we pray together? Can we pursue Christ together? He’s a very good brother and he can be a leader, you just get him in the one year training. The whole church should fast for him, “Lord, raise him up. You gave this good young man to us, don’t let him be wasted.” Because everything God does is with eternity in view. All the other things are transitions. I am at university, it’s a bypass. I got a job, it’s a bypass. I got a raise, it is a bypass. You live for eternity! 

Doesn’t Jesus have this anxiety for people to follow him, for people to go the right way? We are so common, so we ignore the value. We don’t realize, everything God does is with eternity in view. Whatever He does out of Himself, through His hands, can only be marvelous. The marvelous Lord will do nothing less than His marvelousness. So we say hallelujah, praise the Lord, whatever has happened in the universe, in time be unto Him and Him alone. Whatever has happened in my life, can that bring You some honor? Can that bring You some glory? Can that make You be more satisfied? Because You are the eternal God. 

A Marvelous Creation

Marvelous Preparations for Man

God made a marvelous creation. Let’s come to verse 5. I have to skip six days. Six days means two kinds of Christians – one kind are church-goers, they have light, so they know God. They have the expanse, so they know they are pretty earthly, and they also have a little piece of dry land, so vegetables grow. In the second step, God prepares the two lights. After God prepared the two lights, the whole thing became very different. God began to make things alive and moving. When you follow the Lord, in the first stage, you are a vegetable. In the second stage, you are a fish, growing into birds, animals, and finally growing to be a man. 

Firstly, you are a vegetable: I was saved, I have some life, I am a vegetable, I am not moving. Then secondly, I have God as my Son. I have the church as the moon. I see things more clearly. When I see things more clearly, then I produce life – moving life – first in the water, then in the sky, then on the land, then finally, God made man in His image and after His likeness. This is eternal. God made man with eternity in view. God made man, in man’s inward part, just like God Himself. That means we have a spirit. Outside, just like God Himself, we have the likeness of the man Jesus Christ with high value. Everything should be so wonderful. When He created the whole thing, all the angels were praising and making a joyful noise! Everything was so wonderful, and God was so happy to live among man.

The Fall of Man

But, man fell. You know why I look so old? You know why my beautiful hair became white and less and less? You know why I have all these wrinkles? You know why I’m worried that I can only live 20 more years? Because man fell. So, once man fell, man confronted two things: Number 1, man was so terrible and sinful, they knew they could not confront God. Number 2, they became real empty inside. So, all their existence is struggling for something. I fight for a bigger house, then I fight for a smaller house. When you get married, when you have kids, your houses will keep getting bigger and bigger. Then, they will get married and move away. They will all say, “Dad I love you.” Don’t trust that. Because they should love their husband, they should love their wife, they should love their children. They should just save a tiny little love for their parents – that will be a good kid. Some kids forget about their parents, which is normal. So, now, the parents fight to find a smaller house. From 7 bedrooms to 2-3 bedrooms – 2 empty rooms in case your kids come back. How sad is that? You are doing all that cleaning for the chance that, once in a while, your kids come back, your grandchildren come back.  Eventually, you find an even smaller house, that’s a coffin – just enough for your body. You should be surprised. What is all of this? God would just say, “Sorry, man fell.” Man fell into sin, and with sin, man has to confront the judgement of God.

The Redemption of Man

Receiving Forgiveness by the Blood

So, Christ died. I think we all know that Christ died with two sides. Christ died for us, for two reasons: one is that He shed His blood for sin. You should like it, because when He shed His blood for your sin, it’s not based on anything – it’s just because of your being. We always get bothered by things. “I love the Lord and I am for the Lord, but oh Lord Jesus, I do have an ill temper.” That’s one problem. “Oh Lord Jesus, I do have something that bothers me…” The mayor of Cleveland, Mayor Stoke, came from a very poor Black family. When he was elected in Cleveland, he was the first Black mayor in a large city and Time Magazine put him on their front cover, with something like, “The Future Vice President.” He eventually became a judge. One day, he was caught stealing a bag of dog food. When I saw that news, I was very bothered. Now, he is very rich, after being mayor and now a judge. He has a good income, his living is very outstanding. As a judge, why did he steal a bag of dog food? It doesn’t make sense. The only thing is maybe he had a habit of stealing. When he was a child he was poor, so he stole. Eventually he became successful, but still can’t help something called sin abiding in him, becoming the controlling element of his life. He can overcome everything, but he cannot overcome the stealing of dog food. 

Within you, there is a sinful nature so powerful, way beyond what you can control. You can control, overcome, and defeat many things, but a certain thing is there. So, brothers, never start anything unhealthy. In every unhealthy thing, there is a demon involved. Once you start it, a demon will get in and drive you to do the unhealthy thing. You will need a lot of God’s mercy to come out of it. Brothers, Jesus says, “Oh, thief!” Say amen! You don’t, because you are not thieves. Oh, temper-loser, easily-provoked guys.” Can you say amen? Yeah, this time the amen should be louder. Oh selfish. Oh self-centered. Oh, those who only live for themselves. You know, God says, “This is not eternal. You want to get the best, but it’s not eternal.”

One brother bought a house for the church. I love the brother, I told him, thank you so much for buying a house for the church to use. I asked the brothers in the church to write a contract with this brother, saying that when he wanted to sell it, the church would buy it at the top appraised price, because I felt that we owed the brother a favor. One of the leading ones told me no, it doesn’t work that way. Sooner or later, the house will be too old and torn down. That house is 170, 180 years old. I’m very happy that so far, the government has not come mark it as historic property. Once they do that, we cannot touch the house anymore. 

Brothers, it’s very hard for you to realize how immoral we are and how sinful we can become. Do you kill? No. Do you lie? Of course, most lie. We lie. But the Lord will come, “Okay, first, I shed my blood for you, so you are cleansed. Not cleansed just on one act; you are cleansed as the complete person. Your sins are all forgiven – yesterday, today, or the coming years. All your sins are cleansed. You are clean.”

One brother dreamed that a brother died and his family was with him. The family saw the dead person with a white garment go all the way up, ascended, with only a dark shoe. He said, “Brother Titus, what is that? I was just saved, I don’t have much truth, but I like to teach. That’s my sin. It’s just as sinful as others, right?” I said, “That’s because every man is evil, before they have died, they think about bad things, so they don’t have a chance to confess their sins. That’s why the shoes are dark.” Later I found out, number one, I should have told him that I didn’t believe that he saw something. If he really did, it’s because he was too tired. I don’t believe there was a dark shoe. If you are cleansed, you are cleansed. Otherwise, it’s too dangerous. If we died before we confessed all of our sins, then God would lay hold on you: “You committed 100 million sins in your life, but there are three sins where you didn’t have the chance to say, ‘Lord forgive me.’ Therefore, based on the three sins, I condemn you.” That would be serious. We come to the Lord and tell the Lord, “Lord Jesus, be the Lord Jesus to me.”

Suppose I say, “God forgive me, I lose my temper. God forgive me, I gave the brothers and sisters an ugly look. God forgive me, because I didn’t behave properly.” Then, suppose I commit three sins consecutively and then I die. Then God would tell me, “All the things you confessed were cleansed, but there are three things you never confessed. Do you remember, before you died, you thought someone owed you money. Secondly, do you remember that you found out you didn’t give your riches to your children fairly.” I say, “God, please.” God says, “No, too late, because you didn’t confess your sins.” Would God be that foolish? No. Are you a sinner? A terrible sinner? Never killed anybody, right? You are not that bad. The sins you’ve committed, everyone has committed. Do you lie? Which one of you has never lied, can you raise your hand? Try to find one. You should be very happy. Jesus Christ died for you. Judicially, His blood cleansed you from all your sins. Not only in the past or today, but also in the future. Even the sins that you don’t have a chance to repent have been cleansed already. 

So you don’t have to say how much you have lied. There are different types of answers. One is: “I have lied, but so what? Everybody lies.” That’s a self conviction. Another is: “No, I lie very little. I was a liar, but now praise God, I am cleansed.” That’s religious performance. If you ask me honestly whether I would still lie in the coming days, there is no guarantee. To lie, with a dark lie, white lie, purposeful lie, or conditional lie – you know there are many kinds of lies – makes no difference. God says, you are clean. Do you get mad at the brothers? Do you get oppressed by your brothers? Do brothers bother you? You are totally cleansed, you are just like Adam. Adam had no sin. With us, we have sin, but it’s all cleansed. So God said, “I will make something that is not adequate. I will become your life in you.”

Jesus: The Dispenser of Life

So the work of the cross has two aspects. Judicially, the blood of Jesus cleansed us from all our sins. Organically, the divine life was dispensed into us. So we have the divine life to be one with God. You should be very happy. 

Let’s read together. The marvelous work of Christ in redemption and life giving. The work of Christ in living and dying. Christ the son of God was the first God-man. He incarnated as the Lamb of God, was baptized to fulfill all righteousness, and went about doing good, weeping with those who wept, and rejoicing with those who were joyful. Yet, He was betrayed and crucified to die for our sins. His final declaration was, it is finished. While He was on the cross, one of the soldiers pierced His side with a spear and immediately, blood and water came out. The blood was for the cleansing of sin, the water was for the releasing of His life. The work of Christ in resurrection and ascension. The first God-man died and was buried, yet resurrected and ascended. He became the dispenser of Life with the desire to come into fallen human beings, to cleanse them from their sins and to give them eternal Life so that they could become Christ-men, Christians, and even, by growth, conformed to the image of Himself. All this with the intention that all who are regenerated would be brought into glory as He is. Oh, this is more than marvelous.

Christ the Son of God was the first God-man. He incarnated as the Lamb of God. In other words, His coming was to produce salvation. Was baptized to fulfill all righteousness, that means He lived as a man properly. And went about doing good, weeping with those who wept, rejoicing with those who were joyful. This was His life, totally one with you, yet he was betrayed and crucified to die for our sins. His final declaration was, it is finished. In other words, I have done what is eternal. God desires something eternal, Satan came in to corrupt man, so man departed from eternity. Now He says, “I come, not only to be their Savior, but I come to give them life. Whatever I can do, it is finished, the rest is upon God.” So while He was on the cross, one of the soldiers pierced his side with a spear, immediately blood and water came out. 2 things: The blood was for the cleansing of sin. Now, you have no more problems because the blood of Jesus Christ cleanses you from all your sins. And more than that, the water is for the releasing of His life. So, we can receive Him as our life. Like we sing the song, He is a river, He is a flowing river, He is a fountain of life because of the water that came out of him.

The work of Christ in resurrection and ascension. The first God-man died and was buried, yet resurrected and ascended. He became the dispenser of Life. You should like it. Who is Jesus? The dispenser of Life. When you have Jesus, you have Life. It is very marvelous, he became the dispenser of Life. You should be very happy. Lord, I come to you. For what? Lord, how about my marriage. Lord, how about my studies. Lord, how about my job? Lord, how about the house I want to buy?

You say, “Titus, why are you so demanding? If I don’t love the lord, why do you want me to love the Lord, to be consecrated to the Lord, to be a full-timer?” Isn’t that better than looking for a house? Isn’t that better than looking for a profession? Looking for a job? Isn’t it better than just getting something? Whatever you get, it’s temporal and temporary. It’s not eternal. God desires us to have eternity in view. He is the dispenser of Life, and this Life is very different from your human life. Human life is temporary. Eternal Life, the Life you receive, is eternal – for eternity. 

He dispenses eternal life into you, he desires to come into fallen human beings, cleanse them from their sins, and to give them eternal Life so that they could become Christ-men. What is a Christian? Christian actually means Christ-men. I’m a man of Christ. I’m a man with Christ. I’m a man, living according to Christ. Christ is my life, Christ is my person. So my existence, my living, are one with this marvelous Christ. And even, by growth, I can be conformed to the image of Him. In other words, I can be so much like Him. How He is, I will become the same. 

And this is His intention that all who are regenerated will be brought into glory as He is. No one knows what glory is. Today, we sing some songs and we have a little sense of glory. No one knew what real glory was until John made a clear statement: When He comes, we shall see Him. When we see Him, we’ll find out that we are just as Him. He said, when we see Him, we shall be just like Him, because we see who he is. We really see Him. At that time, everyone will realize, wow, this is the glory. When I see God, I’m just as God. This is glory. May the Lord have mercy. May we say, “Oh, this is more than marvelous.” Hallelujah.

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