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Rex Beck
April 9, 2019
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This is part one of a three-part series on the cross by brother Rex Beck. Click here for part two or click here for part three.

I am crucified with Christ

– Galatians 2:20

If all that we see about the cross is suffering, then we will be short of its beauty. The full meaning of the cross was realized with Jesus’ death. When He died, He issued in a whole new set of principles by which man and God encounter one another; He produced a New Creation.

In this message, brother Rex shares how the cross enabled the outward God to become inward, writing His laws on our hearts, and transforming us from the inside out.

The old creation (the Old Testament) included living under the demands of the Law, God was outward, and our tendency was toward oldness and decay. The new creation (New Testament) includes life in resurrection
To illustrate the vitality of the cross, brother Rex used the above illustration to contrast the principles of the old creation and those of the new creation.
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