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Titus Chu
October 22, 2021
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The book of Psalms is a book of poetry. As long as people have had hearts, they have written poetry—using words to convey the depths of their experiences, sentiments, and thoughts. The psalms compiled in the book of Psalms are the same; they express a multitude of feelings from many people arising from their real walks with God. They speak out praise to God, accusation of the enemy, resentment of evil ones, blessings to the righteous, criticism of man, and evaluations of themselves. But the Psalms are also different; expressing not just human feelings, but also God’s speaking. There is one Psalmist writing the Psalms—God Himself. The voice of this Psalmist rings out through the praises of David, the sighing of Moses, the prayers of Solomon, the yearning of the sons of Korah, and the aspirations of many anonymous writers.

In this work, Titus Chu expounds the Psalms in view of the divine experiences portrayed within. Book One, “The Growth of Life,” shows the rich growth of the divine life in a revived believer. Book Two, “The Church Life,” is about the sweet church life as each saint is growing. Book Three, “The Building of the Church,” reveals the experiences of everyone living in the church life, both positive and negative. Through the experiences in Book Three, God gains the built up church through those who are pure, and Book Four covers “The Testimony of Life.” Finally, out of the experiences of all these psalms comes Book Five, “The Praise of the Church.”

This commentary has not been compiled just for readers to have a better understanding of Psalms. Rather, it aims to shepherd those who are in Christ and desire to grow in the divine life. May it bless the hands of the generation of those who seek God!