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October 7, 2020
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Spiritual songs and hymns are essential for enriching and strengthening our faith. They also support corporate and individual worship and praise. This collection of songs and hymns is being provided as a tool to elevate believers’ worship and praise to God and to deepen our experience of Christ.

We have selected older, well-known hymns as well as newer, contemporary songs. New compositions and older classics are mingled together according to topic. Most of the selections are directed to the praise and worship of God, the appreciation of our salvation, and the many aspects of our experience of Christ. A large section is devoted to experiences on our Christian journey. Chords are included to assist guitar players in accompanying any song. Biographical sketches of many hymn writers are provided to help a singer appreciate God’s work in His believers.

Our prayer is that this song book also will help you bring people to salvation, build up new believers, and deepen your experience of Christ. Our hope and desire are that you would use this book of songs and hymns for worship and praise both in your personal time with the Lord and in Christian gatherings. May God gain us all to be the true worshipers He is seeking.

Del Martin
Richard Yeh

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