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Rex Beck
June 8, 2019
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Most people overlook the Minor Prophets. This is sad because few sections of the Bible present so much color, personality, metaphor, romance and excitement as these books. The reason for this variety stems from the many personalities behind the words. Jonah, Hosea, Habakkuk and the others are surely a motley crew! The preciousness of these books comes because each prophet portrays Christ with his unique voice. Together, the Minor Prophets depict, among many other things, His birth in Bethlehem, His entrance to Jerusalem, His death and resurrection and His second coming. The Apostles considered these writings to be a foundation for the New Testament. This is true in regards to their content and the lives of the prophets themselves. Paul appreciates the covenant of Abraham, just as Micah sees it. Paul strove to present people as a bride to Christ, just as Hosea travailed for the same thing. The Prophets plant seeds that grow into the New Testament. This makes them a rich study. It is the purpose of this book to provide notes that emphasize the general flow of thought for each book, the revelations about Christ and the experiences of the prophets. Hopefully, readers will fall in love with the Minor Prophets and will be helped to have deeper, more colorful experiences of Christ, just like the prophets enjoyed.

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