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Rex Beck
February 8, 2018
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One of the reasons there is little genuine spiritual growth among the members of the body of Christ today is that there are few patterns of Christ’s servants who exhibit real spiritual growth. Today there are few like D. L. Moody, Hudson Taylor, George Mueller, A.B. Simpson or Charles Finney to lead today’s Christians by their example and spiritual life. This makes the need for seeing patterns of people who have grown in their spiritual walk greater now than possibly any time in Christian history. The apostle Paul is a New Testament example of a person who has grown in his service to God. This book seeks to show that the prophet Jeremiah also is a worthy pattern of a servant of God. While the pattern of Paul’s life is relatively known amongst Christians, Jeremiah’s pattern is almost unknown to the vast majority of the Christian public. This book seeks to fill that gap and highlight Jeremiah’s life as a pattern of a down-to-earth person who grows with God and is changed by God to accomplish great things for God. The author hopes Jeremiah’s pattern will help deepen the spiritual roots of today’s members of the body of Christ.

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