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Rex Beck
February 8, 2018
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Isaiah’s writings are some of the most beautiful yet mysterious words in the Old Testament. 2700 years ago Isaiah spoke, wrote, and even sang messages to the people of his time. On the one hand his prophesies were reactions to the conditions he saw in Judah, Israel and beyond. However, within his words hide magnificent portrayals of the Messiah, God’s timeless purpose, and the New Jerusalem. Within his Old Testament setting, Isaiah portrayed the New Testament.

One of the biggest barriers keeping people from enjoying the riches of Isaiah is that it is difficult to put the overall story together. “Isaiah’s Song” leads the reader from Isaiah chapter 1 to 66. It divides the book into sections, defines a theme for each, and pieces the themes together into a grand picture involving God’s eternal purpose, Christ, and the New Jerusalem. Along the way, “Isaiah’s Song” highlights aspects of Christ and Christian experience. The hope of this book is that more people will understand Isaiah, love Isaiah, and begin singing to the same melody Isaiah sang. In the end may the song of Isaiah become our worship melody to God!

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