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Mark Miller
January 13, 2021
This entry is part [part not set] of 5 in the series Elijah and Elisha: Living for God's Testimony
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We previously discussed this book with an overview, but now we will begin to read through the book, highlighting the main thoughts as we summarize each chapter. Hopefully these summaries will help to guide your walk with the Lord. If you are interested in reading more from a specific chapter, you can read the book online here.

Chapter 1: God’s Purpose and Mankind’s Failure

Elijah, whose name means “Jehovah is God,” and Elisha, whose name means “God is salvation,” were people like us, who had to go through a growing process to operate according to God’s heart and purpose. God’s heart is that He would have the right man (alive in spirit and a healthy soul) ruling in the land (which today is the local church). Yet man’s history, perhaps even ours, is one of failure. In Abraham, God gained a man, and in David, He gained a man in the land, yet the testimony was lost through man’s degradation. Eventually, King Ahab of Israel represented the darkest time. We too can be like Ahab, not caring for how we ought to follow the Lord, going by tradition, refusing to pay a price for God’s people, and making others happy with progress without God. In such darkness, God raised up Elijah and Elisha.

Next time we will read through chapters 2-6, which deal with Elijah’s Perfecting.

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