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June 26, 2012
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David stayed in the wilderness in the strongholds, and remained in the hill country in the wilderness of Ziph. And Saul sought him every day, but God did not deliver him into his hand.
— 1 Samuel 23:14


Incline Your ear to me, rescue me quickly;
Be to me a rock of strength,
A stronghold to save me.
— Psalm 31:2

After rescuing Keilah and then fleeing from it, David escaped to the wilderness of Ziph (1 Sam. 23:13–14). Ziph means “flowing” (Strong); in other words, not settled but always on the move. While David was in Ziph, Saul sought him every day.

Remember, Saul was caught by religion. Those caught by religion persecute others more tirelessly than anyone else on earth. Businessmen realize that competition is a good thing, and politicians use each other to obtain their objectives. Religious zealots, however, try to purge those they view as a threat.

Adapted from David: After God’s Heart, page 75.

Tomorrow: “Persecuted by Religion (2)”

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