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October 19, 2009
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A minister must be sensitive to maintain a harmonious situation, or agreement, in five areas while he speaks. These aspects of harmony are between himself and God, between his mind and his spirit, between his utterance and the truth and burden with which he speaks, between the truth he speaks and his own experience, and between himself and those who hear.

First of all, you yourself should be in harmony with God. Before you speak, you should learn to confess and pray. You should tell the Lord, “I will not allow anything between us. If there is any matter of sin, or offense, or disobedience, please forgive me.” If there is a weakness you are not yet able to overcome, you should tell the Lord, “Lord, I do not seem able to overcome this matter, but I hide under Your precious blood.” You must keep yourself in a harmonious relationship with God.

As you minister, you must also maintain a harmonious relationship with God during your speaking. Do not allow anything or anyone to offend you. Particularly when you are speaking on some sober matter, some brothers may have different kinds of reactions. At such a time you must remain in harmony with God.

Adapted from Being One with the Ministry, volume one, page 26.

Tomorrow: “Harmony of Mind and Spirit”

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