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August 22, 2009
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Finally, you must learn that the church life will always have problems. If one day the church life has no more problems, that means the church life is not going on. May the Lord cover this statement with His blood so that Satan does not use it negatively. If the church life is filled with problems, then you should rejoice because this shows that the church life is quite good. When you have more increase, surely you will have more problems. The more positive the church life is, the more problems you will have. In dealing with such problems, you need to learn to praise the Lord.

A large family has more problems than a couple with no children. This is just natural. We need to have this kind of understanding related to the church life. When the church life is so enjoyable and prevailing, a lot of problems will be happening at the same time. It is foolish to be discouraged by the problems. There is no need even to talk about the problems. There is no need to worry or make issues. If you can help in a positive way, then do so, but do not be bothered by all the problems.

Adapted from Sisters’ Messages, pages 35-36.

Monday: “Enjoying Christ as Our Life (1)”

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