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August 1, 2009
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When the church life is healthy, you do have a family life. But the priority should not be the family life. The church life should be our priority. Naturally every family should spend some time each week together, to read together or talk together. But this should not be your aim. Your aim should be the church life. When you aim at having the church life, you allow the church life to care for your family life.

The atmosphere in your home may seem dead if you do not have people in and out of your house. Young people will eat whatever you serve them. They are not as picky as older people. The young people just care for the atmosphere. If you have a fun, lively atmosphere, they are happy to be there. Some of our houses seem dead mainly because we have never given our family life to the church life. You always enjoy visiting homes where you sense life. We should be positive and aggressive in having an open home. Our home should be one that always has saints over, that always gives hospitality, and that always exercises to enjoy Christ.

Adapted from Sisters’ Messages, page 32.

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