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July 14, 2009
This entry is part 219 of 3099 in the series Daily Words for the Christian Life
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I am the good Shepherd, and I know My own, and My own know Me.
— John 10:14

Casting all your anxiety on Him, because it matters to Him concerning you.
— First Peter 5:7

Our enjoyment of Christ as our Shepherd should bring us peace. We don’t need to be so anxious or be concerned about so many things. We don’t need to worry so much about our future, our marriage, our job, or our education. The Lord is on the throne, and He is our good Shepherd. There is no need to worry. If we know such a wonderful Christ, we will truly worship Him. “Lord, I worship You for being such a great and wonderful Shepherd! My life is in Your hands, and I can entrust myself to You.”

Adapted from Born Again, page 56.

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