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June 20, 2009
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God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truthfulness.
— John 4:24

In the new living which we must have after being born again, we enjoy Christ as a living person. This is what it means to worship God. The enjoyment of Christ takes place in our human spirit. The Lord doesn’t want us to enjoy a lot of different moods and feelings. He doesn’t want us to enjoy a lot of zeal or excitement. He doesn’t even want us to enjoy what we consider to be blessings. The Lord wants us to enjoy Him as a living person. We may desire to enjoy those other items, but the Lord would tell us that such things won’t last long. He would say, “I don’t want to give you good feelings, excitement, or blessings. I want to give you Myself to enjoy.”

Have we ever fully realized that we can enjoy the living Christ? As those who are born again, we have received the necessity of a new living. This new living is one of enjoying the person of Christ. Many Christians who are genuinely born again miss this enjoyment. They may enjoy God’s care for them or God’s blessing upon them. But they can seldom say, “I enjoy the presence of a living person. Christ Himself is my enjoyment.” We must see that Christ is a living person for us to enjoy. We are not just enjoying an emotion or a kind of excitement. We are enjoying an actual person, Christ Himself.

Adapted from Born Again, pages 52-53.

Monday: “Turning Again to Zion”

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