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June 17, 2009
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What is the new living that we must have after being born again? It is primarily a living of enjoyment. We who are born again must have a living of enjoying Christ. We must enjoy the riches of our salvation all the time. No Christian should consider himself as a mere churchgoer. No Christian should be satisfied with “going to heaven.” If we cannot enjoy Christ today, then what is the point of hoping for the future? We should not allow ourselves to be cheated. We were born again so that we would enjoy Christ in our daily living.

The Lord would say to us, “The moment you were born again I brought you into a rich enjoyment. Your living should be filled with the rich enjoyment of Christ. Don’t wait until the next age. Today, while you are on this earth, you should be in the rich enjoyment I prepared for you. One day the holy city New Jerusalem will come down out of heaven to the earth. Then I will display and exhibit all My riches for eternity. But I do not want you to wait for the New Jerusalem and miss your opportunity now. I want you to have a wonderful foretaste of the New Jerusalem. I want you to enjoy all My riches in your daily living.”

Adapted from Born Again, pages 50-51.

Tomorrow: “Enjoying Christ by the Spirit”

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