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June 15, 2009
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Being born again has three results. The moment we believed in the Lord Jesus we received a new life, a new position, and the necessity of a new living. Of these three results, perhaps the one that is most neglected is the third result, the necessity of a new living.

We must realize that it is possible for us to be born again and yet lose the reality of being born again. We have all received a new life, yet we may not have a new living.

If we don’t have a new living after being born again, it doesn’t mean that we have lost our salvation. It means that we are like a person in a deep coma in the hospital. No matter what you say or how you interact with a person in a coma, he has no reaction. Is he still a human being? Of course. Does he have a human life? Yes. But is he normal and healthy? No, because a person who is in a coma has no feeling or sensation. He has a human life, but not a normal human existence. In the same way it is possible to be born again and have the divine life from God, yet not have the living that God intended for us.

Adapted from Born Again, page 49.

Tomorrow: “Are We in a Spiritual Coma?”

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