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Titus Chu
November 12, 2008
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That you…might become partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust
— 2 Peter 1:4

How can you know that you are experiencing God’s glory? There are at least three indicators.

First, you know you are experiencing God’s glory when you are laying hold of and partaking of the divine nature. You may have some riches and really love the Lord. Yet if you do not experience being regulated by the divine nature, you can become a damaging element in the church life. Such brothers or sisters gossip about who is right, who is wrong, what should be done in the church life, and even who is in the flow. All such things are contrary to the divine nature.

Furthermore, if you wish to be a person who is towards God’s economy for His glory, be in the rich enjoyment of Christ every day, day in and day out. Enjoy Christ! Enjoy His presence! Then something will be manifested out of you from your hidden enjoyment of Him. What will be manifested? God’s glory.

Finally, enjoy the work of the Spirit upon you. Put yourself into the Lord’s hands. Ask Him to work on you. Tell Him, “Lord, I may be a piece of dead wood, but make me blossom by Your power of resurrection!” Then you will give God a way to produce His glory through you.

If we have the reality of these things, we are in the reality of the flow, in the substance of the divine stream. Then we are able to proclaim, “Thank You, Lord. I am experiencing and enjoying Your flow.” May the Lord have mercy that we all may be in His flow for His glory!

Adapted from The Reality of the Divine Stream, page 16-17.

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