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Titus Chu
November 6, 2008
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For there [in Jerusalem] thrones are set for judgment,
Thrones of the house of David
— Psalm 122:5

Those who are in the church life live under judgment. There is not only one throne, there are “thrones set for judgment.” There are multiple thrones. It seems that many brothers and sisters in our experience are nothing but judgment to us. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they come to us and tell us we are wrong. They themselves are thrones of judgment. When we are with them we sense a shining, and we realize, “Oh Lord Jesus, I am so short.”

For this reason we should give ourselves to be with those who are spiritually more mature than we are. When we are with mature saints they may not always be pleasant to us. They may be very frank with us. Sometimes they may not say much, yet as we are with them we experience judgment. Even when they are silent, in their presence there is a judgment. We begin to realize that something is wrong. We realize that something is wrong with our person, with our desire, or with our exercise. We realize that something is not so healthy about our involvement in the church life or the serving life. In the Lord’s testimony there are many such thrones of judgment.

Adapted fromThe Journey of Life, page 26.

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