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Mark Miller
August 14, 2020
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And David knew that the LORD had established him as king over Israel, and that his kingdom was highly exalted for the sake of his people Israel. And David took more wives in Jerusalem, and David fathered more sons and daughters.
1 Chronicles 14:2-3 ESV

Chapter 10: David’s Wives

In this chapter, David is considered a type of Christ, thus, his eight wives are a type of our experience of the church. Titus focuses on the meanings of their names to consider our experiences. They are progressive:

  1. Michal: We see our imperfections and need for salvation, and enjoy the gatherings of the saints.
  2. Ahinoam: We appreciate how beautiful our brothers and sisters are.
  3. Abigail: Through the death of our worthless “husband” (things that we are attached to that do not care for us at all), we are brought into the joy of the Father.
  4. Maacah: We feel dull and pressed down as we miss experiences of a fresh Christ
  5. Haggith: Through the previous four, we have new appreciation of the Lord and His accomplishment, and the church life becomes festive and feasting.
  6. Abital: We have both experiences–death and freshness of resurrection. The church life is romantic!
  7. Eglah: As we grow, we are more anointed and become more of a blessing.
  8. Bathsheba/Bathshua: We become relatively mature. Our growth is based not on ourselves, but on the trustworthiness of God. He becomes more and more satisfying to us, and we become rich dispensers of blessing to others.

Chapter 11: David’s Mighty Men

This chapter covers David’s mighty men as patterns for us today. The mighty men did not fight for themselves or their own interests. They fought for David and the kingdom. In like manner, we should fight for the gaining of Christ in our local churches. To become a mighty man, we need training, either formally or informally, but we also must eventually prove our training in fields. Some are very mighty leaders, others can build up their store of arrows, while still others understand the times or administrative needs. The church needs all these mighty men at various times, men who will not rest until Christ’s throne is established on the earth.

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