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Rex Beck
August 1, 2011
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The Bible describes the end times using both momentous outward events and real inward Christian experiences. Outwardly there are signs like earthquakes, Israel, antichrist, Babylon, tribulation, rapture and the great battle around Jerusalem. But these are only part of the story. Inwardly, Jesus is working in His people, granting them spiritual growth and genuine faith experiences, so they might overcome and be ready for the end. As we will see, the outward end time events highlight specific inward experiences for Christians today. A picture of this grand inward and outward scene emerges from the Bible like a jigsaw puzzle as verses, like individual pieces, fit into their place. The awe of events thus unfolded has no rival in even the greatest earthly drama. This book assembles end time verses from Old and New Testaments into a dazzling end time picture, which will enlighten, warn, and inspire. The Bible likens prophecy to a light shining in a dark place. May the picture portrayed in this book shine into our world and hearts.