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from past classes

“These classes are such a blessing! Thank you to each and every person involved in the process to make these classes happen. Keep up the good work”

Featured below are highlights and testimonies from the 2020-2021 school year. Some features are examples of homework, some are feedback and testimonies of appreciation, and others give you a taste of what it was like to be in the class, studying the Bible or history alongside the teachers. May these samples encourage and inspire you to sign up for the next available session!

A Treasury of Christian Literature — Student Testimonies

Some students from the “A Treasury of Christian Literature” class were inspired to share the following testimonies of their experiences reading the book Spirit of Christ by Andrew Murray.

I have in my life what I call “spiritual milestones.” These are particular events when I was moved markedly forward or had a major adjustment in my perception. Reading this book (Spirit of Christ) has affected a change in my understanding and experience of the Holy Spirit and has become one of those milestones in my spiritual journey.

Had I read this book by myself I don’t think I would have gotten anything out of it. Now the first half of the book seems like an old friend. I now have a radically different view of the Spirit.

Seeing who the Spirit is, his coming and his purpose, has made the Lord so personal and real to me. The Spirit’s indwelling is making known to me who the Lord is.

Young People in God's Plan — A Reflection after the Last Class

This class began with a burning question: Rather than simply knowing about young people in God’s plan, how could we be such young people? Spending six weeks in the Song of Songs, we saw how romantic and full of rich and varied experiences the Lord’s drawing and gaining of our love is. We then spent three weeks in the early portions of King David’s life, seeing not only how he fought for God and God’s people but also how much he trusted God, even as God was stripping away all of his support and comfort. Our class culminated in the last week with the song shown below and a deep feeling to give ourselves more to the Lord, that He would gain a richer love and fuller trust from all of our hearts.

“A purer, deeper lover of Christ;
Lord, keep our hearts so tenderly.
Teach us to trust You and obey.
Lord, soften and renew.”

“We long that You’d be satisfied.
Lord, grant our hearts for You to burn.
Appear to us, Lord, day by day,
Until we’re fully drawn.”

Old Testament Survey — Timeline, Student Drawing, and Prophecies of Christ

The Old Testament survey presented the big picture story of God’s work with His people through every book of the Old Testament. We saw God’s hand in creation, through the Patriarchs (Abraham, etc.), in Israel with the tabernacle and the land. We saw God’s people struggle through the times of the Judges and reach their most glorious time with Solomon’s temple. We saw Him work through the kings, the return from captivity and through all the prophets and poetic writings. Most of all we saw how Christ was prophesied, typified, foreshadowed and pictured in every stage of God’s work with His people.

Here are a few resources shared and used during the class. Click or tap on the image to zoom in.

New Testament Survey

Student Testimony

“This was an amazing class. As someone who has read the NT maybe 10-15 times, I still found that there was so much to learn, and walked away feeling like I had a better grasp of each book of the Bible as a whole. I learned what the difference was between James and John (beginning and end of early church times), the trajectory of Paul’s travels, and what Revelation actually says.”

"A Map of Jesus' Movements" According to A. T. Robertson's Harmony of the Gospels

As part of “The New Testament Survey” we studied Jesus’ movement throughout the four gospels. One resource we used in this study was A. T. Robertson’s Harmony of the Gospels. Click or tap on a map to view it.

Basic Greek — Recap

During this semester of the Sweet Savor Bible School, students in the Beginner Greek Class were introduced to the basics of the Greek language as well as to a variety of resources that can be used to explain, analyze, and study the Greek Bible. […]

Hymns: Bringing History to Your Personal Devotions — Two Hymns Written by Students

Evaluate Your Heart

By Jon Wang

Evaluate your- heart and- see,
Whether He’s in you and- you in- He.
It may be time to- take a- stand,
That you may know God’s- ultimate plan

Our God has plans to use us,
Though we may be- weak.
For the church, His body,
His own person we seek.
Lord, we trust you to lead, de-
Spite what others’ might say.
Grant us strength, to serve you,
Oh, God, have your way.

When you’re with saints, do you know what you
Brothers and sisters loving Christ corporately.
All in one spirit, together they strive,
To build the Church, God’s eternal bride.

Even though you may desire to begin
Disheartened, you may feel that you don’t fit in
But there’s an answer, there’s no need to
Simply just give yo-ur-self to the church.

Once we all find our own place in the church,
Oh, what a life we really can o-b-serve.
Each member, with th-eir por-ti-on be,
Working jointly for God’s reality.

The Home

By Gerhard Ter Steegen, Tr. by Frances Bevan
Adapted by Tom Neil
Tune: SHL-322 (Many Crowd the Savior’s Kingdom)

You who give us of Your gladness
Till the cup runs o’er—
Cup from which the weary pilgrim
Drinks to thirst no more—
Not just near me, but within me
Is Your joy divine.
You, O Lord, have made Your dwelling
In this heart of mine.

Do I need a law to bind me
Lest from You I stray?
My heart’s captive. It rejoices
Here with You to stay.
Ever with me, glorious, awesome,
Tender, more than sweet,
One upon whose heart I rest and
Worship at His feet.

With me, everywhere I wander,
That great Presence goes,
That mysterious inner gladness,
Undisturbed repose.
Everywhere the blessed stillness
Of His Holy Place—
Stillness of the love that worships
Hushed before His face.

To Your house, O God my Father,
Your lost child is come:
Led by wandering lights no longer,
I have found my home.
Through the wilderness I tracked them
All the stormy night,
Only then to find within me
Your eternal light.

Church History I — Student Testimonies

It is difficult for me to express what’s in my heart concerning the Church History class you taught, but hopefully you can understand my feelings. All the information presented about the Key figures in church history was new and enlightening to me. I never read any book or information on church history before. Of course I had heard that believers were thrown to the lions, but hearing the reports about the Christian martyrs given by you and the class members caused me to gain a new appreciation of our Christian heritage.
The three different homework assignments deepened my understanding of the Scriptures in Acts and caused Acts to become really living to me. The assignments seemed to transport me to the very time of Acts, to sense the experience of the saints involved, and to realize what we can learn from them.
Thank you for a rewarding learning experience.

I appreciated the church history class so much. I learned so much about the spiritual brothers who went before us, but also about how the Lord is always working in every age. It gives me a lot of perspective to see how brothers and sisters responded to the political climate of their time.

This history course caused us to appreciate our understanding of the Trinity or more aptly the Triune God.  Working with my wife Pat as well as Sam in a group effort, we were able to see that although Athanasius laid the ground work, he was never really able to overcome the divides in the East or between the East and West branches of the church. The scholarly works of the 3 Capadocian Fathers, which each of us undertook, helped cement the concept that God was three persons of one substance. They elevated in particular the Holy Spirit which had been neglected. Thus, they prepared the foundation for our accepted beliefs of today.

Life of Christ – Student Inspirations from Various Lessons

“We can only show such a love as Mary’s towards the Lord when we realise that we have been forgiven much (Luke 7:47). Such an experience constrains us to give our all to Him in love.

I relate to the thief on the cross simply because I was once a sinner also who finally realized how much I fell from God’s grace, and realized that Christ is the One I needed to believe on and surrender my life to in order to be saved.

I had read these two chapters in my morning watch on Monday and I did not receive much light as this. I did not realise how the story of the prodigal son could be related to the cost of discipleship. I am very thankful to the Lord, and to you brothers for availing yourself for this fellowship. This is a real blessing from the Lord. Hallelujah!

The attitude of the father toward the prodigal son reveals how enduring God’s love and mercy is toward sinners. Truly, no one is beyond the hope in experiencing God’s salvation. Like in Luke 7:47, Jesus said, “Therefore I say to you, her sins, which are many, are forgiven, for she loved much. But to whom little is forgiven, the same loves little.” When we realise how much we have been forgiven and loved by God, we are moved to love Him in an immense way.

The verse [John 6:66] really struck me. Many of his disciples turned back and no longer walked with him, because he spoke words of spirit and life. This probably distinguished those who followed the Lord for earthly things from those who followed Him for things of the Spirit.

God desires us to drop everything and follow Him. This should not deter us, what he has in store for us is much better than what the world has to offer! If we are willing to give up everything, even deny ourselves, we can feast with Him in His house!

Romans – A Couple Slides from Class

David: A Man After God's Heart – Various Homework Assignments

Two Psalms Written Based on 1 Samuel 17-23

They pursue me in vain ; for I am held by You. 

My life is in Your hand and You will not give me over.

No plans will be accomplished without your approval.

When I rest in You, I find strength.

You’re promises remain forever. They are always fulfilled.

The breath of The Lord is my shield, I shall not be afraid. My God protects me.

Even my enemies are aware.

What have I done, and what is my iniquity?

He whom I should serve seeks my life.

On account of his anger,

I abandon my honor and song at the banquet

While my breath is caged in my throat—



I hide in a field,



O God, how long must I wait?

This once-anointed head lies disgraced below the stalks,

And the New Moon lies dark above the skies.

Will the whistle of an arrow bring Your reply?


How much further shall the shafts fall beyond me?

The embrace of a companion becomes my judgement,

And our tears leave a deeper wound than swords.

My lyre lies silent amidst the merry-making,

And the field holds no answer. 

Are there tears enough to lead me back to the city?


My soul, my soul, do not weep.

This too, I take from Your hand,

O God of Israel.