About Rex Beck

Rex Beck grew up in the small town of Dillsburg, Pennsylvania. In high school he was interested in long-distance running, music and science. He aspired to study Physics from a very early age and graduated with a degree in Physics from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. As an undergrad he participated in research and fell in love with the lab. During these undergraduate years, he also witnessed his faith in Jesus Christ grow and began to feel a call from the Lord to serve Him. He began to live for Christ, preach the gospel to his classmates, and dive into the Bible.

He continued with his Physics studies, getting a PhD in physics from Harvard University. After his PhD, he again felt the call of the Lord and began serving Him in a full-time capacity. He married Rose in 1999 and moved back to Cleveland. Since that time, he has been heavily involved in many different areas of Christian outreach. He has discipled college students, spoken on many college campuses on topics such as science and faith, the validity of the Bible, and the way of salvation, and participated in youth conferences. He has helped lead one-year internships, where participants take a year off from school or work to study the Bible and reach out with the gospel.

Rex has traveled to Australia, Ghana, and Taiwan to visit churches and minister. In 2005, Rex participated in the establishing of a church testimony in Cleveland Heights, OH. Now he is in Cleveland Heights, where he lives with his wife Rose and two children, Anna and Andrew. He loves the Bible and feels that it is the most impressive, meaningful book ever. Through the words of the Bible, God’s people have followed Him for millennia. Rex hopes that these books will show that the Bible still speaks today.