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Titus Chu
December 21, 2005
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Many Christians appreciate, in the book of Psalms, the psalmists’ seeking after God and trusting in Him, especially in their sufferings. They may also understand that the Psalms contain, in figures and prophecy, many high revelations of Christ. However, they may not be aware that the book of Psalms portrays, in the most practical and precious way, the steps by which we may enter into the real experience of Christ.

In this series of messages we are provided with many lessons from Psalms One through Twenty-Four on the believers’ growth in life. Many of us who were privileged to participate in this conference felt our view of the Psalms was greatly expanded and uplifted, and gained a new understanding of the experiences the New Testament believers go through as they seek after the Lord and grow in the divine life.

Thus, we are very pleased to make these messages available now over the internet for the benefit of all of our brothers and sisters in Christ. We pray these messages will be a benefit to you.

Message One
Message Two
Message Three
Message Four
Message Five
Message Six
Message Seven
Message Eight
Message Nine
Message Ten
Message Eleven
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