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The ministries of Titus Chu and of his co-workers

"For we are unto God a sweet savor of Christ" - 2 Corinthians 2:15

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Message of the Week
The Marvelous Creation of Man and Christ’s Work of Redemption

Over the course of six days, God made a marvelous creation which culminated in the creation of man — a being made in the image and after the likeness of God.

Titus Chu
Today's Daily Word
Enjoying the Divine Supply of Life

Christ is the supply of life that is in your spirit.

Enjoy Him.

Be with Him.

Partake of Him.

Testify of Him.

Tell Him, “I’d like to live out Christ–just who You are.”

From Visions & Revelations, Volume One by Titus Chu, p. 31

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We get it, life is busy. You don't always have the time to listen to 2 hour sermons or read 200+ page books. That's why we are writing Articles: short writings divided into various columns. Column topics range from analysis of influential hymns to conference and message summaries. May the Lord use these articles to encourage and perfect many seekers!

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Who are we?

A Sweet Savor is the website for the ministries of Titus Chu and his fellow workers. The focus of these ministries includes helping the brothers and sisters to love the Lord, to preach the gospel, to see the testimony of oneness raised up in localities, and to help all Christians to have an absolute consecration to the Lord Jesus. The ministries featured here have proven to be a help to many in fostering the growth of their spritual life. Our hope in providing these ministries freely online is to strengthen all believers and seekers of God so that they may become blessings to their local churches and advocates for the advancement of God's purpose on the earth.

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