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Titus Chu
March 21, 2009
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Once you are truly equipped in these matters, you will be able to have a healthy walk before the Lord. Most have problems in their spiritual walk because they lack a fundamental trust in the Lord and realization of the Lord’s involvement in all things. They basically live as if the Lord is undependable, and the Lord is not involved in their lives. However, once you see that all things are from Him, and you acknowledge Him in all things, you will be able to react as the Lord wishes, and you will be able to gain Him in all things. Also, you will be able to minister Him unto others.

Brothers and sisters, these are very precious and important principles that we must take very seriously. We should continually tell the Lord, “I do not want to be someone who is caught by right and wrong. As I follow You, I want to react to everything according to spiritual understanding.” Such a person will not make decisions in a natural way, nor will he regard things in his life as being good or bad, lucky or unlucky. Such a person will be able to live a spiritual life.

When you learn to understand things spiritually, and to react to things spiritually, you will become someone who is keen to the things of the Spirit; you will become a person with spiritual awareness.

A person who is spiritually keen and aware is always seeking to live in the Lord’s presence. He is continuously watching in spirit, and ready for anything. When someone speaks, he is inwardly clear about where they are at. He is not easily caught, persuaded, or led away to other things. He exercises himself to see what God is doing.

Adapted from Being One with the Ministry, Volume One, page 116.

Monday: “Transferred Into a New Kingdom”

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