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Titus Chu
September 2, 1978
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Brother Titus was invited to Seattle, WA in 1978 to minister during the church’s local Labor Day Weekend Conference, from September 2-4. The conference considered the first several chapters of 2 Corinthians. Throughout these messages, Titus’ burden is to encourage and inspire the church in Seattle to live in a way that expresses and furthers the gospel of Jesus Christ in their normal church lives.

Message 1: A Sweet Savor

The apostle Paul was an extremely unique and interesting brother. He was a bold warrior of the gospel, fighting to accomplish all that God had for him in Christ. Taking such a brother as our example, can learn what it really means to be “a sweet savor of Christ.”

Message 2: Living for the Body
Message 3: A Ministry and Not a Work

Our natural drive while trying to serve in the church is towards position, and establishing a work for ourselves. Yet this work-focused style is not only unhelpful is edifying the church, but may even be damaging. Instead of developing positions and work, God desires us to develop our ministry.

Message 4: Ministry versus Work
Message 5: Christ, Not Self; Faith, Not Sight